31 March 2011 – if only all days were like this


There was heavy rain here in the night and, looking out of the window it looked like I might need waders to get to work. There was no breakfast before I left because my team won a team breakfast for being top sales. To be honest I feel a bit of a fraud because it was for the week I was off and I’m a bit worried about the extra calories but then I thought, what the hell I’m going to enjoy it! On top of that we had a training session in the afternoon which sounded like fun. All in all a good way to end the week.

What a great day it turned out to be! The team breakfast was nice, although I was a bit naughty and had pain au chocolat and a skinny latte. Mmmm lovely though. The team brief was at St Mary’s stadium (home of my football team for those of you who don’t follow it). We were in the Matthew Le Tissier suite and got to look out onto the pitch from the posh boxes. It wasn’t too borning because we had some activities to do as well as finding out what is coming up with new systems and wizards and some great green innovations in the pipeline. We also learned a bit more about the results of the charity work we have all been doing.

They gave us a lunch bag with a choice of sandwich (got my favourite, tuna and cuecumber on wholemeal), crisps and a sweet (which the boys on the team relieved me of quick smart), an apple and a bottle of water. We also had coffe and biscuits (I passed on the biscuits) and some sweets (revels) which I did eat 6 of. I’m a little over calories tonight but nothing my walk tomorrow won’t take care of. If only every day at work was like that.

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