1 April 2011 – up and down


This morning I set off bright and early for my walk although the weather wasn’t all that bright. In fact it was quite dull and drizzly. When I got to the park it was cheering to see the grass bank bursting with crowds of daffodills. Made me think of Wordsworth.

As I walked along the first part of the river I saw my first ducklings of the year. Eleven little brown speckled balls of fluff swimming along with mummy duck. So cute. The swans were few and far between though. I think they are probably nesting somewhere.

Signs of spring were all along the river bank, the trees are all vivid green with new leaves and there are little yellow flowers growing along the marshy area. At the White Swan end of the river there was only one lone swan. Hopefully this means they are nesting and I will have some new cygnets to watch soon. There were no fishermen today but lots of signs saying it was closed season, which I guess means they are not allowed to fish at the moment.

I walked up to the pub, then back to the Triangle, then back to the pub. From the pub I walked up the hill to the garden centre where I popped in to buy a book on vegetable growing. Commando has decided to turn the little patch at the bottom of the garden into a veg patch so I wanted some ideas. From there I turned up Chalk Hill. This is a very steep hill so it slowed me down a bit. Then it was down the long winding road to the Village where I picked up some milk and a paper and went to the bank to sort out my ISA. After that it was down the hill and home.

On the way back I bumped into my friend Bernie and dropped in for a quick coffee and a chat then back home just as Commando was getting up. We then drove up to B&Q and picked up some grow bags for the veg garden, some cabbage and cauliflower seedlings and some spring onion seeds.

Back home I spent a productive hour in the garden planting some spring onions and transplanting my lettuces and garlic chives. Fingers crossed they will all survive. I have covered them with bubble wrap tonight to protect them from the cold.

All in all I walked 12 miles. Not that good but I’m still taking it easy after being ill and now having a cold so I guess it’s not bad. Hopefully by next Friday I will be back on form and I can do a proper long walk and get back on track for the Moonwalk training. 

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