2 April 2011 – Good news and football


This morning was all about measuring up the veg plot and making plans. Soon there will be digging to do which will at least burn a few calories. Given the rest of the day I could have done with a good work out.

There was a walk to the football. What a game. For the first twenty minutes we were brilliant but couldn’t get the ball in the net. Then the other team had one chance and scored. They scored again before half time and our spirits dropped. We looked useless from then on. Then on sixty minutes we made some substitutions and it all changed. Finally we started playing again and we scored a second within a few minutes. The match ended 3-2 to us after a tense few minutes at the end where both teams nearly scored again. Very exciting. We are now third in the league with games in hand. Happy days and a few calories burned jumping up and down I hope.

Commando and I then went to the pub to meet up with our friend Frankie. We have just got home now and ordered a chineese. Very naughty I know but I’ve saved enough calories and I’m going to enjoy every mouthful.

In other good news, my blood test reaults are all good. No anaemia, no blood sugar or thyroid problems. My liver and kidneys are good (which is always a concern with the epilepsy meds I take). My red cell count was good which means no infection and my white cell count was slightly low which suggests it may have been a virus. My doctor thinks that the cold I’ve now got makes the virus theory even more likely as it would have left my immune system weak so it would be easy to pick up other things.

He took my blood pressure again which was still slightly low, but this is normal for me. Thankfully it was the same when I was standing up this time. As long as it doesn’t happen again I have a clean bill of health. In fact he thinks I am very healthy for my age. Grin


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