April 5 2011 – Terrible news


There was terrible news this morning. My lovely Tunisian friend Mr Abdel Ben Ali has passed away. I’m not sure exactly when or how yet, but knowing how hard he pushed himself it may have been his great big heart. He always had a cheeky smile on his face and his favourite phrase was ‘I will make that happen. I will make everybody happy.’ He certainly did. He was 52. Once. when I was working in Tunisia, he even drove for 4 hours just to bring me some cream for my mosquito bites because they were keeping me awake.

It was a fittingly dull day and I spent a lot of time on Facebook trying to get more news from Tunisia and speaking to the many friends who knew Abdel. Everyone is very upset and shocked to hear he has passed away and with no real news about what happened it’s quite frustrating. He was the owner of our Tunisian rep company and well loved by all who knew him for his cheery smile.

This evening I’m looking forward to BL USA and exercising through the programme. It makes me feel like I’m there with them and burns a nice load of calories too. Pity it’s only on once a week.

The other shard of light in an otherwise horrible day was the arrival of my Moonwalk pack with hat, T-shirt and a bra to decorate. Anyone got any good bra decorating ideas? I think I will need a whole lot of something for a 34 E bra. My actual bra size is considerably less than it when when I set out. I think at my worst I was wearing 38 G but I was pretty much burstung out at every turn. I haven’t actually tried this one on yet but I may do later to see if it fits.

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