17 April 2011- holiday plans and bikini troubles


We have just booked flights for a week away after the Moonwalk!!! YIKES. We will be going to Agadir in Morocco, somewhere I have never been but I’m hoping I will love it as much as I love Marrakech. I do know a fair bit about it and I have a good friend who lives out there who also happens to own a tour company. Hopefully she will be able to get me a good deal on a hotel.

So, in the spirit of getting ready for our holiday, I decided that the one thing I had to check out was if my bikini from last May still fitted. There were two different top halves, and a few different bottoms, all black and in various sizes and styles. It was the tops I was worried about. Anyhow. I tried on the smallest one and it actualy fitted perfectly (better than it did last year when I felt like I was spilling out of it the whole time). Then came the bottoms. The ones I really liked, the shorts type ones actually fell off when I put them on! Literally fell off!! When I looked at the label they were size 16. There was another pair that came with the black top but were a skimpy string type thing that I have never liked. They were size 12. I put them on. They fit. Astounded as I was, I still hate that they are so skimpy and I will be doing my best to get some shorts type ones ASAP.

Commando said I looked great. I didn’t agree. He said he would take some photos so I could see. Well, long story short, I don’t look nearly as bad as I thought. Much better than last year when I sipped champagne on the beach in Turkey on my 50th birthday. I still hate the skimpy bottoms though and theres no way I will be sharing the photos.


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