4 May 2011 – not reaching for the biscuits


Today I will be mostly feeling proud of myself. One of the hardest lessons to learn in this weigh loss journey os how to conquer emotional eating. Last night gave me ample opportunity to practice as everything in my house went pear shaped and I was sitting in the middle of it all feeling fragile to say the least.

Firstly Commando lost his wallet. there was a frantic search where the whole house was turned upside down with copious amounts of swearing. There was no point in asking simple and sensible questions like ‘where did you last see it?’ because I knew Id get my head bitten off. Just when it looked like he was going to have to call the bank and cancel all his cards it turned up. It was in his coat pocket all the time. If he’d actually listened to me instead of going off on one he’d have found it before he destroyed the house. Oh well.

Then Commando Junior turned up with some friends and got all huffy when I said they couldn’t stay the night. Obviously, from my point of view this was quite reasonable. Who would want a house full of twenty year old boys when they have work the next day, not to mention a husband who will be coming home from work in the early hours of the mooring to a bomb site and dozens of unwashed bodies on the living room floor.

A big row ensued. Aparently I am a horrible mother. Never mind I expect he will be apologetic by tonight. Most importantly, I did not head straight for the biscuit tin to drown my sorrows. Maybe I’m finally learning…

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