7 May 2011 – celebration time


It’s been a busy old week, what with anniversaries, birthdays, twenty seven mile walks and a meal out with the girls from work to celebrate my birthday. TGI Fridays is hardly the place to eat when you are watching your weight but still…

AT least I have just one more week at work before I have two weeks off, even if this does mean the Moonwalk is nearly upon me. Today we had the last match of the football season to attend and it was a big one. My team, Saints, were promoted to the Premiership. There was a little rain but nothing could dampen our spirits.

The match was brilliant, not only did we win but the team we were playing were not relegated (which would have been sad for them) so it was a double celebration at the end. All the fans went onto the pitch afterwards to celebrate. This is actually prohibited but for the last match, especially as we have been promoted, they turn a blind eye to it. We then went off to The Waterfront for drinks and more celebrating.

In other news, bra decorating is almost completed now so I’m nearly Moonwalk ready.

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