12 May 2011 – Moonwalk costume complete

3 moonwalk

As of 8pm tonight I am on holiday from work for two whole weeks. No more phone calls, no more swearing 98 year old women (who knew they knew that kind of language), no more targets, no more getting up early and fitting in my exercise. Missing my team already and getting nervous about the Moonwalk but first day of the holidays is a lovely feeling. I wonder if I will remember how to do anything by the time I get back?

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!

The girls on WLR were getting a little cross with me for not posting pictures of my Moonwalk costume. Unfortunately, my son, Commando Junior wouldn’t take a photo because he said his eyes would fall out if he had to look at his mum in her bra so I had to wait for this morning when Commando was available.

It really isn’t that exciting. Nowhere near as good as Mr Bumble and Mel. I did make a skirt to wear with it but it didn’t come out that well and I don’t think I will be able to use it because it annoys me just walking down the garden so I think 26.2 miles will be way to much to put up with it. I’m just not as creative as my friends I’m afraid

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