17 May 2011 – C25K


No, not me, I may be a complete nutter but not that mad yet. Commando has just told me he has dowloaded the C25k app. He has been inspired by the Moonwalk girls and wanted to start running so he can take part in a race. He was talking about it on our journey home on Sunday and I told him about the C25K and about Ali and Jenny from WLR doing it.

He is pretty fit because of his martial arts but he has never done any running before. I think he is going to start when we come back from Agadir. He asked if I would be there to cheer him on if he enters a race. Obviously I said yes.

I did half heartedly offer to join him in the training (I hate running), but he said it was something he wanted to do alone (whew, wipes sweat from brow). I thought you would like to know that the WLR girls don’t just inspire those of us trying to lose or maintain weight, we inspire everyone we meet! YAY for us!!!! 

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