19 May – still walking but not worrying


This morning I took a stroll down along the river to visit my friend Sammie. It was a lovely sunny day and it was really uplifting to walk along with some happy music on my iPod. Even better to know I didn’t have any distances or times to worry about and I could just stroll along as far and as fast as I wanted. There were hardly any people around and the swans were ambling about aimlessly and basking in the sun.

When I got to Woodmill I saw the family of ducks. They were all gathered at the waters edge because an elderly couple were throwing them bread. The little ducklings have really grown. They are still fluffy but much lighter in colour now and beginning to look like ducks rather than balls of brown fluff. I didn’t see my cygnets because I turned off before I got to the bridge by the White swan.

What a beautiful day for a stroll and how nice not to have to worry about pushing myself to add to my miles.

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