Grow your own – 4 June 2011


Right now I’m concentrating on healthy eating and that involves eating as fresh and organic as I can. What better than to grow my own veg then? With this in mind I’ve spent the afternoon out in the garden weeding and cutting back. My little veg garden is doing really well. I have pods on the pea plants that look like they will be ready to pick in the next week or so. The tomato plants have their first lot of flowers just coming out and the first spring onions are beginning to swell.

We have eaten loads of lettuce and spinach from the garden and I’ve just cleared the first lettuce sowing because they had gone to seed so have now planted another lot. I still have two rows of lettuce ready to pick though so we should be ok until the new ones grow. I’ve chopped the spinach back to encourage some sweet little leaves. The cabbages are huge and some are beginning to heart up so we will be eating out own cabbage soon too.

The only thing that hasn’t done too well is the chillies. Seems like some slugs used an over hanging cabbage leaf to break through the copper slug tape while we were away and ate quite a few of them. I do still have some plants left though and I’ve cut back all the overhanging cabbage leaves now so hopefully they will survive ling enough to produce some chillies

I’m really enjoying growing my own and looking forward to planning what to grow next year.

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