9 June 2011 – fall out and targets


We had a mad rain storm with hailstones yesterday afternoon. Thank goodness I got CJ’s sleeping bag in from the washing line before I went to work. He’s off to the Download festival today so I have a nice peaceful weekend ahead of me.The member of staff stuck in the lift last night was a female manager. They took over an hour to get her out. As it was after eight o’clock she was probably pretty late home. Good job it wasn’t me because I would have been panicking and would also have probably had to pee in the corner at least twice.

I’m a bit nervous about getting in the lift now but at least taking the stairs will burn loads of calories, if it doesn’t kill me first. The power cut also damaged our systems so the new system wasn’t working at all today, the old systems were not working properly and, because of issues with the credit vet system, we had problems processing orders authorising payments. To make things even better, Martin Lewis told everyone about our deal of the week on national TV last night. Because of this and the other problems our website crashed and was out of action all day.


We have yet more new targets. Feels like there are too many targets and to much to do on every call these days and whatever you do somewhere there is a target not being met. The whole team is suffering and our poor manager is very stressed. We are planning a big team night out next week with our bonus bonds to try and cheer ourselves up. Another great day then with lots of angry customers. I love my job!!!!

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