10 June 2011 – a runner in the family


This week has been my first week properly back on the wagon since my holiday. Yesterday morning I weighed in and I’ve lost 3 lbs. Now I will be trying to stay on the wagon for the next few weeks by which time I will hopefully be under the lower end of my target weight range and can go back to maintaining.

I’ve allowed myself a 7 lb window to stay within and, although I’ve not gone outside if it even after the holiday, I’d rather be at the bottom end of it or slightly under than close to the top end. Still I guess that’s what maintaining is all about.

This morning was lazy, with a Face pack, waxing my eyebrows and giving myself a pedicure. Commando has been out and done his first c25k run. He says he enjoyed it and he used my riverside route instead of the route we walked last week. I think it’s a better route personally although he did say the last run was tough because it was up the hill that leads out of the park. That bit always used to get me too.

He was a bit worn out but really pleased with himself. After a couple of minutes and a cup of coffee he said he felt as if he could go out and do it all again. He really enjoyed it which is good news and I’m bursting with pride.

I’m going out in the garden now as there are several big bags of bark chips waiting for me. Hopefully a good calorie burn from those though.

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