15 July 2011 – Hangover

Well yesterday was pretty dire at work. I had a day of horrible calls. Problems I couldn’t solve and couldn’t find out how to solve, difficult customers and generally horrible calls. I had two really bad debt calls where customers basically refused every possible option offered and kicked off big time. Some people pay nothing for over a year and then think if they shout enough we will let them off. I also had a customer who called me. C**t, I didn’t even put the phone down on him straight away but he really did upset me and I ended up crying after I finally did hang up. Luckily my boss was sitting right behind me at the time and was very supportive. I almost walked out and went home. I do sometimes wonder how I manage to keep going back for more. I did stay away from the chocolate bars in the canteen though!

We went out for a team meal and drink after work. I was pretty good and had steak and salad and only ate a few chips. I did have a bit of an alcohol fest including a double rum and coke, champagne cocktail and a Barnum and baileys cocktail (I gave the Oreo to Rae though). I don’t really drink so I have to admit I was slightly the worse for wear when I got home.

Kate gave me a lift and asked me to text her when I got to my house safely because she had to drop me in the main road opposite my house. I did text her then I texted Commando to let him know I was home safe. He sent me a slightly saucy text back and and email photo of him at work. I then replied to Commando’s text with something saucy, pressed send and to my horror realized I had sent it to Kate. I did send her another text straight after and she thought it was hilarious. Just glad she didn’t crash the car laughing. I think I have to avoid texting when I’m drunk in future

I was planning a long walk this morning but I’m feeling very tired (possibly alcohol induced) so will exercise at home instead and possibly go out later.
I have a few calories to burn off from last night. I was over by quite a bit as far as I can tell but I’m still slightly under for the week so hopefully won’t get too much of a shock on the scales this week.

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