1 July 2011 – A great honour


One of the reasons I finally managed to get my weight under control was the Weight Loss Resources website and the support of all the lovely people on there. Today I was given the great accolade of having my success story featured on the site. Of course I’ve known about it for a while because they asked me to write about myself and send them some pictures. I have to say I was really honored to be asked to tell my story, especially as I felt there were so many others on the site much more deserving.

There is no way it would have happened without all of my fellow losers encouraging me and giving me the occasional kick up the bum. They were also quick with the praise when they spotted it.

One of the things everyone was talking about was my sandbags, remember them? Inspired by Biggest Loser, I filled a bag with sand weighing what I’d lost every week and carried the blasted things around in my rucksack to help me burn extra calories on my walks. There was a point when I’d lost so much I couldn’t fit all the bags in the rucksack or carry them. It was quite ironic seeing as I’d been carrying all that weight around with me in the form of fat for so long.

Actually, I took them on one last outiong on Wednesday. I haven’t been carrying them around since I reached my goal and have even gone back to a noraml leather backpack (DKNY of course, you all know how much I like my labels). Someone at work asked me if I would donate them to help with their own weight loss journey. I packed them in my ruck sack and walked to work with them one last time. Hopefully Kev will get his ‘baby bump’ belly under controll by carrying them on his own walk to work. I bumped into him one day when I was doing my moonwalk training and have apparently inspired him to start walking to lose weight.

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