2 July 2011 – veg and smoothies


This morning I was stuck outside while Commando jet washed the decking so I made the most of it by gardening. On the veg patch little baby tomatoes were forming, radishes coming up and the first cabbages and cauliflower were ready to cut. I also cut some corriander seeds to dry and picked a load more peas. The slugs have managed to use overhanging leaves to jump over the copper tape and get in amongst the veg so there was a chopping back and slug picking session. I know I could use slug pellets but I don’t like killing things, even slugs. It may sound silly but my Buddhist persuasion will not let me do it. I picked them all off and put them elsewhere in the garden where they can’t do so much damage. I have a sneaking suspicion they will find their way back. I swear I have homing slugs.

As it’s finally warm I’ve got the trusty smoothie maker out of the cupboard and in pride of place on my worktop. I bought a giant bag of ice cubes and some frozen fruit and I’m experimenting with different mixtures. This afternoon I made a lovely refreshing smoothie with frozen raspberries and cranberry juice with a tablespoon of fat free fromage fraise thrown in. It was delicious and just right after a morning working in the garden.

This evening after dinner I had iced coffee, just ice, coffee and skimmed milk. Now I’m relaxing with a chocolate concoction, a scoop of cocoa powder, skimmed milk, ice cubes and a dash of rum. I love my smoothie maker. Wonder how many different ones I can come up with?

Anyone have any good ideas?


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