30 August 2011 – AWOL and some bad news


Just a quick post to let you know I am a bit tied up right now which is why I’ve been AWOL. My son Bard had a bit of an emergency at the weekend when one of his friends (who has mental health issues) went berserk, smashed up Bard’s flat and badly beat him up.

This friend has been staying with Bard because he had been thrown out of his own flat and Bard (in the absence of any help from social services or the mental health people) had been looking after him and trying to help out. It was all a bit of a nightmare with neighbors calling the police and the lad being arrested. We have spent the weekend helping sort out the mess and still have a way to go to get things straight.

Bard is ok but shaken up. He has reluctantly decided that he has to give up on his friend and stop giving him shelter and acting as his social worker because he can’t afford to lose his own flat.

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