4 September 2011 – Almost back to normal


Finally we seem to be getting Bard’s flat back to normal and with it our lives. I am very proud of him because he had always had a kind heart and is willing to lend a helping hand. Sadly, this time it caused him a bit of trouble but all is now more or less sorted out. Bard’s face is looking a lot better too. We had to buy a new toilet as his friend managed to smash the old one. Commando fitted it for him this weekend and things are finally looking more or less ok.

I have gone a bit off track with no time to log or really think about my choices over the last week or so. On top of that we had a borthday meal yesterday with my eldest, Philo and his partner Sirona at Cafe Rouge in Gunwharf Quay. So it will be back to it tomorrow with a vengence as we only have two weeks until Barcelona and my trousers feel much snugger than normal.

Commando did a run earlier in the week and broke his record for 5k. He is now down to 25.44 minutes which I think is pretty amazing, especially as he has had just as mad a week as I have and hasn’t rally had time for any other exercise.

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