5 September 2011 – The back on track plan


Becuase I’ve put on a few pounds (still in my good weight but too near the top for my liking) and my trousers are feeling a bit snug I decided to have a couple of weeks back to basics starting today.

SO, I did a 45 minute pump it up beach body workout this morning with loads of ab crunches and jumping around, all before breakfast too! I had my normal breakfast of muesli, fat free fromage frais, freah orange juice and a naughty cocoa with a dash of semi skimmed milk.

For the walk to work today I packed up my trusty ruck sack with 16lb of weights and walked the two miles as fast as I could. Well that brought back a few memories and made my shoulders and legs feel the burn. I took the bag to lunch and breaks with me and marched around with it and then did the walk home with it too (70 minutes in all).

For lunch I had a wholemeal sandwich with low fat pate and red onion (no butter of course, I never have butter). I had a nice seed and nut graze box for my break and some strawberries (100g) and red grapes (100g) in the afternoon. I did have two skinny coffees but I’ve counted them and I am over 700 under calories for the day.

For dinner I had a 2 egg omelette (no oil) with 60g yellow pepper, a red onion and 30g of blue cheese for my dinner.

I was going to do some exercise this evening but Commando was on the rampage on the phone twice (he had a few problems with CJ today and I caught the backlash) so I gave up on that and am catching up with some biggest loser episodes instead and choosing some healthy graze boxes for next week.

I will have a cup of cocoa at bed time and maybe some more strawberies too.

No too bad for the first day! Tomorrow I have a tough one because I am going to Reading to test out some new systems for the next two days and have to be in the office at 8am to get the coach. I will have to give my morning work out a miss but I will still walk to work with my back pack and weights. I will be home a bit earlier thoguh so amybe I will be able to catch up on the exercise then.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I will stay on it for tht two weeks and get back to a happier weight


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