6 September 2011 – back to basics day 2


What an interesting day! I had to be at work for eight o’clock this morning to get the coach to Reading where we would be testing the systems at the contingency office. I got up extra early and had my normal breakfast. There was no chance for my morning exercise and the pouring rain meant a bus ride to work but I did take my back pack with the 16lb weights.

I had to walk to the bus stop and from the bus stop to the office which took about 15 mins. I then had to walk up to my floor to get my sales pack and my office stuff and then back to the canteen to pick up my packed lunch and a cheeky skinny coffee. All in all, by the time I got on the coach I had walked for 30 mins, the same as the walk to work, although not as fast and furious.

We had an interesting day in the Reading office. The system did work but the calls were not streamed through to us as fast as normal so there was plenty of time between calls for kindle reading, plus time on the coach on the way back to Southampton. My packed lunch had a nice tuna and cuecumber sandwich on wholemeal bread and an apple. I brought the crisps, mars bar and fizzy drink home for CJ (I feel very virtuous for that because the Mars bar really was calling me). I did have a graze box during the day and 100g or strawberries plus 100g of red grapes. We had an hour and a quarter in our nornal office at the end of the day and left at six. It was nice to walk home in the daylight and get in a reasonable hour.

After a quick glass of water and a coffee (courtesy of CJ), I put on the sky+ and watched a few episodes of BL while doing kettle bells and step (wearing my 11lb weighted waistcoat for extra burn). I managed just over an hour. So here I am, just about to have my dinner at a normal time (for me), yummy chicken and bacon (one rasher of lean back) in a mushroom sauce with no starchy carbs.

I will be off to bed after dinner because I have another early start tomorrow for my last day in the Reading office. Hopefully I can keep up the exercise and the good food choices.

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