7 September 2011 – b2b day 3


At the risk of boring everyone…

I had to put a bit of a sprint on to get to work in time today, me and my weights and my rucksack. Was really hot and bothered by the time I’d picked up my lunch and got to the coach. I had my normal weekday breakfast before I left home. It’s nice and easy and I don’t have to think about it and the muesli keeps me full until my late lunch. I did manage to pick up a skinny coffe on my dash through to pick up my Mad House lunch.

We had quite a relaxing day at the contingency office again and a fun coach journey sitting on the naughty seats at the back (my favorite place). I picked the lunch bag with tuna and cucumber sandwich again because it was the best choice. I also had a graze box, 100g strawberries and the last 100g of my red grapes (really enjoyed them so I must get some more on Friday).

Back at the Southampton office we had just over an hour of normal work to go and I had a snack pack of yogurt coated raspberries to keep me going. I was all set for the walk home but when I got outside Commando was there with my little car so I missed out on the extra exercise calories. He had decided to miss his usual overtime so we could have an hour together which was nice.

He had not noticed the ciabata pizzas I’d made (all measured and weighed with low fat mozzarella) and cooked fish fingers (5 of them for me!!!!) and chips. I said I’d eat them later because I wanted to exercise when he’d gone to work I had a fruity ice lolly to keep me going (only 70 calories) I really wanted a banana but they were all gone. I did exercise for 40 mins with the kettlebells and the step and my weighted waistcoat. I have hidden all but two of the fish fingers and all the chips in the bottom of the bin though. I had 2 fish fingers (didn’t enjoy them at all) and an omelette with loads of peppers and onion and some sesame seeds.

I am going to have a cocoa at bed time though and possibly a couple of squares of dark chocolate as a treat. I have also letting twix and crisps and fizzy drink from the lunch bag for Declan. I did eat the apple though.

Not a bad day with over 700 exercise calories and some more banked for the weekend when I always find it tough.

How did everyone else do?

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