8 September 2011 – At the risk of boring you…


It was tough going back to normal hours and normal calls today but all in all not a bad day at work. I must say I’m feeling worn out tonight though. The day started with a 30 min pump it up session then my normal weekday breakfast. After a quick shower it was off to walk to work with my back pack. I also managed a little walk at lunch time.

Foodwise, I had a cheese and spring onion sandwich (healthy choice from the Mad House canteen). Ok, so I did have 3 skinny coffees today to keep me awake which was a little excessive but my snacks were healthy, a graze box and 100g strawberries and 50g blueberries. Sadly I managed to get blueberry juice down my white t-shirt. I am so messy! I’ve just had a lovey ciabatta pizza made with low fat mozzarella just about 350 calories. I made a batch at the weekend and have some more for next week too.

I will probably do a bit of kettlebells/step in a while to round off the day and then retire with a cocoa and my kindle. How did everyone else do today?


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