9 September 2011 – another one bites the dust


After my normal weekday breakfast I walked down to the river this morning with my backpack and my ipod. The town end of the river was churned up by the torrential rain we’ve had and very muddy looking with loads of debris, leaves, bit of twig and the like. There were only a few swans and they looked pretty miserable, their feathers had a muddy tidemark and as they dived down for whatever it is they eat, their necks became discoloured by the muddy water. They looked a very sorry state. Further along the river, as I walked amonst the trees the path was littered with fallen branches.

Once I’d crossed woodmill to the other part of the river things changed, the water was clear and green with no sign of debris. I’m not sure why this should be unless its because it’s more sheltered with many more trees on both sides, whereas the town side there is a big open park. My pair of swans were there all clean and white with their three cygnets. The cygnets are almost fuly grown now and their feathers are fluffy and grey. They were cutting the grass on the pitch and putt with a lovey smell to remind me of spring. Pity the drizzly weather and grey sky didn’t go with the scent.

After I reached the White Swan I walked up Gaiters hill towards the garden centre. It’s a tough old climb, especially with a backpack. Then it was more all less all up hill on a slow winding climb back up towards the village shops. I picked up some two for £3 offers on strawberries, red grapes and blueberries in Sainsburys and a big bag of peppers. I also got some skimmed milk to make myself a milky coffee when I got back. I had a graze box too to replace a few calories. All in all my walk took 2 hours and burned 840 calories.

At lunch time I had some toast with half fat lurpack and four squares of dark chocolate. Then we went to visit Bard and wish him a happy birthday for yesterday. His bruises are all gone now and the flat is back to normal, more or less tidy. He was a little hung over through after a night out celebrate with his friends the night before.

After Commando went to work this afternoon I did some yogalates to give my muscls a good stretch after all the walking and exercise this week. It felt good to have a really good stretch out. I think I should do it more often. I had a nice cup of cocoa (made with water and a dash of milk) and 4 more squares of dark chocolate (naughty I know) and read my kindle for a little while before I went for a nap. I love my Friday afternoon naps. It feels really decadent to take myself off to bed for an hour or two during the day. It also means I can stay up until Commando gets in from his overtime shift just after midnight. We don’t have much time together and Friday night is quality time, we usualy stay up until about 1.30, chatting about our respective weeks.

I’m just about to have an omelette now and I will probably have some of those strawberries and grapes and blueberries later to keep me going.

Not a bad day and I’ve managed to stay away from too much temptation so far Grin

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