10 September 2011 – oops


The day started off well with a yoga session for a nice gentle weekend stat and a low fat croissant some fresh orange juice and a cocoa. I was going to walk up the big hill to the shops but the weather had different ideas and more rain meant I went in the car.

I had a chicken roll with garlic mayo for lunch and then we walked over to the stadium for the football. At least the rain held off more or less for the half hour walk. The football was a bit of a nail biting affair but we won 3-2 in the end. I did have a snickers bar at half time which was a bit naughty but I’m sure the jumping up and down, clapping and shouting burnt off a few of them.

We met up with my friend Frankie on the way to the waterfront afterwards for a celebratory drink. Her parents own the bar and she served us our drinks. My rum and diet coke appeared to have more rum than coke and I’m feeling a little tipsy at the moment. Just waiting for the curry to come out of the oven. My calories are about 135 over for the day once I’ve counted the curry but I have got quite a lot banked from earlier in the week so should be ok.

Not really the best of days diet and exercise wise bit not as bad as the last couple of weekends. How did everyone else do?

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