12 September 2011 – the small issue of coffee


Today I started with the pump it up beach body workout for 30 mins. It’s a tough old workout and I certainly needed a shower afterwards. I had my normal weekday muesli, fromage frais, fresh orange juice cocoa combo for breakfast. Sadly the walk to work didn’t happen because of the gales and rain and Commando gave me a lift it. I did manage to get a bit of walking in at lunchtime though with my backpack.

I had 3 skinny coffees today which was a little naughty but at least it upped my protein for the day and kept me awake at work. Lunch was a chicken and lean bacon sandwich with a little mayo. Snacks were 100g strawberries, 100g grapes and a graze box.

I did manage a walk home because the wind an rain had died down so all in all 50 mins spent walking with my backpack. Pity about the morning walk because that would have given me a great big calorie bonus for the weekend. Still there is plenty of time to catch up.

My dinner was a homemade cottage our minus the mash and came in at under 300 calories. I have some melon salad to look forward to in a minute and have just finished a 20 min kettlebell/step workout with my weighted waistcoat. All in all 795 calories burned. I may treat myself to a cocoa and possibly 4 squares of chocolate for supper later too and I will still have about 500 calories to carry over for the weekend.

How did everyone else get on?

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