13 September 2011 – 9 down 5 to go, the chocolate issue


Well another day ticked off of the 14 I promised myself. I started the day with the beach body workout which takes 30 mins, had my usual breakky and shower and set off for work. It was sunny but windy here today and my walk to work with my 16lb backpack took a full 5 mins longer than usual because I was walking into the wind. Thought I was going to blown over the side when I got to the bridge.

I did a little walking at lunchtime and had a chicken and lean bacon sandwich (I made up a batch of filling on Sunday so that will be my sandwich choice all week, all calorie counted). I had 2 skinny coffees today, strawberries and grapes and a graze box for snacks and, sadly, succumbed to 3 celebrations chocolates during the afternoon. Feeling a bit bad about that but I counted them and I still have well over 500 calories left after all meals and supper have been counted today so not all bad.

Dinner tonight was pasta with a small piece of low fat garlic bread and I’ve just done 30 mins with the kettlebells, step and weighted waistcoat. Almost 1000 calories burned today so feeling quite good about that.

Did everyone else have a good day?

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