14 September 2011 – feel the burn


Today I burnt 925 calories with beach body this morning for 30 mins, 55 mins walking with my back pack and 30 mins kettlebells/step. I really pushed myself on the walk to work. There was a woman walking quite fast about 200 yards in front of me and I decided I was going to overtake her before we got to the other side of the bridge. I made it with time to spare and then just carried on walking super fast. Poor woman didn’t evern know she was in a race.

I had my normal breakfast, my chicken and lean bacon sandwich, a graze box, strawberries, grapes and 2 skinny coffee. I did have one more sweet during team talk though. Hopefully they will all be gone by tomorrow. Tonight I had chicken in mushroom sauce which was really lovely. I will have some melon in a minuite and cocoa and 4 squares of chocolate for supper. Should have at least 700 calories left over to add to my weekend stash.

Did everyone else have a good day?

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