15 September 2011 – b2b day 11


Calories burned today, 852. It started with beach body toning exercises, not a great calorie burn but my abs certainly know about it and my inner thighs. I walked to and from work and a quick stroll at lunch time with the back pack, 80 mins in all there. I have just done 20 mins step/kettlebells to finish the day.

Food wasn’t too bad. I had my normal weekday muesli breakfast and the chicken and lean bacon mix on a sandwich for lunch, strawberries and grapes and a graze box for snacks and dinner was a ciabatta pizza (homemade and calorie counted). I will have 4 squares of dark chocolate and some cocoa at bed time and I am just about the have a cheeky little ice lolly if there are any left in the fridge. I did succumb to the chocolates and had 3 which was naughty but not unforgivable.

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