16 September 2011 – walking off the weight


There were 1116 calories burnt today, this may well be a record. This morning I went for a walk along the river, just me and my trusty backpack. It was cloudy when I left home but by the time I got to the river the sun was out and I had to atop to put my sunglasses on because the sun was shining up off the water. Amazing how good some grass, trees, blue sky and the river can make you feel.

My swans must have been further along the river because all I saw at the Swan end were a few ducks. There were plenty down by the bridge at the town end but my little family with the three cygnets weren’t among them, funny how they all seem to stick to their own bit of river. I walked for just under two hours.

When Commando got up we went up the big hill shopping. That was another hour with the back pack and then a big load of shopping on top on the way back. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden enjoying the sun.

Food wise I haven’t done too bad. I had my normal breakfast a ham salad sandwich at lunch time a graze box and for dinner I had 2 low fat sausages and egg, some roasted peppers and onions. I did have 4 squares of dark chocolate this afternoon and I will probably have some strawberries later and a cocoa before I go to bed. Still leaving me with about 600 calories for the weekend.

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