18 September 2011 – the finish line


Well I made it to 14 days. Had a bit of an odd one today. No real exercise although I did plan some. I had a call late this morning from my good friend Frankie. She had some free tickets to the match this afternoon and wants me to go with her. The roast I’d planned had to be ditched and we had paninis instead because Commando had to go to work at 4 and kick off was three.

Commando drove me over to the stadium because it was torrential rain. The bridge was flooded which delayed us a bit too. The match was brilliant 4-1 to us and we are top of the league. Odd going with Frankie and not Commando though. We had a bottle of beer at half time but I only drank half of mine. Afterwards we went back to Frankie’s parents pub, The Waterfront where I had a rum and diet coke to celebrate. Frankie drove us home but I still got wet because she had left her car window open and there was torrential rain most of the afternoon between bright hot sunny periods (my cost and sunglasses were on and off so many times I sure I burned calories getting up and down). Had to change into my jammies when I got home.

Dinner was toast and marmite. I am just about to go to bed with my kindle and a cocoa. I will be about 200 calories over for the day but I have about 3500 banked from earlier in the week so I’m hoping for a loss tomorrow at weigh in.

Hope you all had a good day today.

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