19 September 2011 – hmmm


Weighed in this morning and stayed the same which is a bit disappointing after all my hard work. Still I did drink alcohol yesterday and I had marmite toast in the evening which is very salty. I think this could have given me a bit of a false result so I’m going to weigh again tomorrow and plough on. The B2B continues…

I did pump it up burn it lose it this morning with loads of star jumps. I also walked to work with the backpack and did a little walk at lunch time. I am going to do some step/kettlebells later after my dinner too.

Food wise it’s all pretty good. I had my muesli/fromage fraise breakfast a whilemeal sandwich with low fat pate and red onion for lunch and a fruity graze box and strawberries and grapes for snacks. I had 2 skinny coffees to keep me going and add a bit of protein. Tonight Commando has cooked fish which is not too bad.

I’m hoping tomorrow the scales will tell a different story or at least they will next week.

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