20 September 2011 – team talk in the pub


Not such a good day for me. I didn’t do my pump it up this morning because I had to go to work early to get some processes sorted out before my holiday. I did walk in with my back pack and we had a pub team talk today too and I took my back pack with me. Sadly my only exercise today. I was planning on doing some more this evening but everything running late and I need to get an early start tomorrow so I can’t fit anything in.

Food was ok but not brilliant. I had my muesli and fromage frais for breakfast. Lunch was a bit of a mess because of the team talk. We didn’t go until 2.30 so I ate my sandwich between calls beforehand. At the pub I did have about 4 chips from my friend Panda’s plate (counted them as 50g which I’m sure they weren’t) I only had diet coke though. I had graze seeds and strawberries and grapes for snacks but also had a fibre bar later in the afternoon because I’d eaten my sandwich so early and was starving. Tonight I had a Thai curry (homemade). I will also have cocoa at bed time. I am 50 calories over fir the first time since I started this but as I was well under yesterday I guess it’s not too bad.

I’m off work tomorrow and have loads of running around to do so hopefully will fit some exercise in at some point Smile

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