24 September 2011 – Barcelona


Just managed to log into the wifi in the hotel lobby before we set off for the day. Yesterday we did a tour of Cassa Batlo and loads of walking. Spent the afternoon on the beach and then went to La Ramblas for some night life. We have accidentally come here during a festival and the place wa packed. There were giant marionettes going down the street, not sure what they were meant to represent but they had heads like the tops of the towers on some of the Gaudi buildings. We then came back to Parc Olympic on the beach, had a bite to eat and accidentally got there at just the right time for a huge firework display.

We have had a lovely, if wet, day in Barcelona today. Spent the day in Las Ramblas and Barri Gothi muching round shops and watching the strange giant marionettes between rain showers. We had lunch on Las Ramblas and once were were good and worn out took the metro back to the hotel. After a quick shower and freshen up we went to Passieg De Gracia to check out the nightlife.

There was some kin of drumming concert gouge on by disabled people which we watched for a while and we wandered up and down to look at the various buildings all lit up. we had a coffee at a pavement cafe and then took the metro back to the beach.

We had dinner at a little restaurant in Port Olympic and watched the fireworks for the second night running. There were also fireworks of a different kind when two of the staff members had a full blown row with smashed plates and lots of Spanish shouting. It was hilarious.

It was pouring with rain as we made our way the mile or so along the beach to our hotel but still really warm. We are both a little wet now and the worse for wear after a jug of sangria so off to dry off and catch some sleep. Hope the sun is shining tomorrow.

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