7 October 2011 – walking


It was pretty chilly and windy outside but once I’d been walking a while I warmed up. Down by the river the trees are starting to turn. I think in a couple of weeks they are going to look really beautiful. There weren’t too many swans or ducks about this morning. I guess they don’t like the wind very much. I must say I don’t either.

I walked up past the airport and saw the multi story car park they were building last time I came this way on my moonwalk training. It’s all finished now and full of cars and the pavements and crossing have been improved which is nice for my poor old feet.

At the halfway point of my Friday walk I stopped at Costa Coffee in the Swan Centre in Eastleigh for a half way skinny coffee break. I popped into tkmaxx and had a quick look around before I came home and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a pair of sketchers shape ups in my size for £24.99. I snapped then up quick smart I can tell you. Unfortunately they are pink which is not really my colour but I can live with that.

Even with the skinny latte I earned abbot 1200 calories. All in all a good mornings walking.


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