14 October 2011 – a day of things breaking


Off for a walk again this morning, I took my usual route down along the river to the White Swan and then past the airport to Eastleigh and the Swan shopping centre (where there are toilets!). It was a lovely sunny day if a little chilly.

Because Commando had said he wanted to go to town when he got up and the walk (12 miles) normally takes about 3 hours I knew I had to really push my pace to get back in time so I did. I stopped off for a toilet break and to grab a take away costa coffee at the Swan Centre which took a few minutes and had a couple of stops to adjust my sock which kept sliding down into my trainer and annoying me.

On the way back they were mowing the grass with a huge tractor thing at riverside park. I though it was going to run me over when I walked up over the grass to avoid some swans on the path. I think that made me push my pace a bit more.

I made it back in 2 hours 50. Given the stops I think that is a pretty good time. I was boiling hot when I got in for sure. I stopped for a quick drink and then Commando and I went into town. I had to get some new headphones for my iPod because one side of mine stopped working yesterday, and managed to get a new rubber sports watch to replace the one that split yesterday. Seems to be the day for things breaking for me for some reason.

The tone ups I got last week were so comfy apart from the sock thing. Like walking on air. I’ve been looking at some tone up ankle boots. Think I might get some for work because, much as I love the trainers, they are pink, and I feel like a bit of a prat in them at work. I am not known for my love of thing pink. The boots are black which is much more my style for every day wear.

I burned 1225 calories on my combined walls so I think I may have a little treat later.

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