22 October 2011 – car crash

Brewed in Percolator

We were going to town this morning as I have holes in my long socks and needed to get some more to wear with my boots. We were on the bridge, just pulled up in traffic when the car behind went straight into the back of us. The back bumper on the car is pretty badly smashed and my neck and shoulder are aching. Luckily Commando is fine because he saw her in his mirror, she was changing a CD and he knew she wasn’t going to stop, and braced himself. I think I’ll be ok but it’s annoying because I can’t do any exercise. Hopefully I will be feeling better in the morning.

We are going to go to the pub later to watch the footie. Saints are playing reading away but it’s live on sky sports. We don’t have sky sports but it should be a good atmosphere in the pub.

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