25 October 2011 – l need a new job


I went to bed at 10 last night and took one of the Diazepam (I’m supposed to take them 3 times a day but it was my first because the pain killers with codeine made me pretty groggy during the day). I slept like a baby until 5.30. Woke up, went to the loo and thought I was healed because I felt no pain at all. Within 10 mins the pain was back so decided to take pain killers instead of another diazepam. I have to phone the absence line every morning and figured if I took another diazepam I wouldn’t be asleep until midday and would be in trouble for not phoning in. I think I will keep them for night time.

That was the first decent nights sleep I’ve had for months. Lately I wake up pretty regularly worrying about work. I think it really is time to look for another job as sleeping properly has made Me realize how bad things have got. Commando spoke to my manager yesterday because he was upset that she didn’t believe me when I phoned. Apparently she said I’d got it wrong. She isn’t allowed to ask how I am and didn’t say any of the things she said about being seen in the pub. Perhaps I was hallucinating.

Today I am going to update my cv and have a look on line to see what is available. Other than that I’m going to rest.


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