1 November 2011 – it never rains but it pours


Now I am signed off work for another ten days because my shoulder and neck are still painful. I’ve had a few bad days of eating rubbish, lounging around on the sofa and feeling very sorry for myself.

I also heard this morning that the Dream Factory brand has finally been scrapped altogether after a while of operating as an Internet only site from Gatwick with about two members of staff. Very sad to see something I loved so much finally go even if it has been gone in truth for over two years now.

I can’t do much in the way of exercise but have been told yoga is ok and anything that doesn’t involve my arms and shoulder. I did some yoga this morning and may try some step later but fear it may be difficult without arm movements. I’m going to get the eating under control though as I’m feeling fat and unfit.

Also we have been told the car is going to be written off as there was more damage than we thought and it is not economical to repair. So far the offer they have made for it is a joke though so we are not accepting it. No offer for me yet because I have not recovered. To be honest money doesn’t make up for all the pain and feeling my hard won fitness slipping away.

Sorry for a miserable post but I am trying to look on the bright side and make the most of my time at home recovering.

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