28 November 2011 – Back to work


Today was CJ’s birthday and also the day I had to return to work. Thankfully it’s been arranged for me to do rehabilitation hours so it wasn’t a full ten hour shift but still, I wasn’t looking forward to it.

In actually fact it was ok, or as ok as a day in Mad House ever is. I was meant to be doing a four hour shift but I ended up almost five because I got stuck on a sales call that ended up taking three quarters of an hour. By the end of the day my neck was feeling it but I had a break every couple of hours just to do some stretching. Now I’m feeling quite stiff and sore but I have physic tomorrow morning and then work until 2:30. Whether I’ll make it through remains to be seen as, after physic, it feels like I’ve been beaten with a stick so who knows.

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