31 December 2011 – New Year shopping

This morning I’m typing on my new iPad. Yesterday I finally found a laptop for Commando after trolling round every shop in the world and finding all the ones he liked were to of stock. It was a post Christmas present for him using my work bonus and I accidentally bought yself an iPad as well. Luckily I had more money on my Qdos card for bonus than I thought. Bit odd typing on a giant iPhone but nice. Continue reading

27 December 2011 – Christmas fall out


Back to work for me tomorrow and back to proper meals too. Didn’t do too badly over Christmas but not too good either. No quality street in the house and only ate two out of the tin of biscuits Bard got us but a bit mad in the evening nibbles of savoury stuff. No exercise except the walk to and from the football yesterday and a trot up the big hill this morning for milk either. I’m SO not looking forward to weighing in. Continue reading

22 December 2011 – Last day


Well that’s that for me until after Christmas now. I finished at 6.30 tonight and don’t go back until next Wednesday. YAY!!!! It was an odd day. Not many calls this morning although I did get a sale which was good as it takes my team stats up. This week I have had an amazing week with stats for some reason and some lovely customers. We had some time booked off this morning and did a team quiz boys against girls. Of course the girls won, we are the brainy ones after all. Pizza for lunch and a quiz with my team against our rivals on the floor. Again I was on the wnning team. Not that I’m clever but I just have some clever team mates and a smattering of useless info stored in my brain. Continue reading

15 December 2011 – Christmas mania


It’s been a busy old day. My hairdresser Rachel came round in the morning. Our washing machine broke and Commando spent the morning fixing it. He’s such a clever thing. CJ and I went into town and I got most of the Christmas shopping done. There was hardly a moment to sit down all day and then I had to go out again for the team meal.
Continue reading

14 December 2011 – Christmas team night temptation

There are way too many chances to fall off the wagon at this time of year. Tomorrow night we have our works Christmas meal. Everything seems to revolve around eating at this time of year and I think all we can do is try our best and then get back to basics in January. Continue reading

13 December 2011 – temptation


Yesterday I had a bad food day. We had the Mad House Xmas lunch complete with pudding and cream. Not good for the diet but tasty all the same. Back on the wagon today though big time. Whose idea was it to have Christmas just when I was trying to get my eating under control and shift these whiplash pounds? Continue reading

7 December 2011 – trying to get back on track


An almost total lack of exercise unless you count stretching and yoga coupled with weeks at home unable to do anything much have resulted in a gain. It isn’t horrendous but it’s way more than I’d like and I have a wardrobe full of stuff that no longer fits. The problem is, I still can’t do much exercise, or not the stuff that burns calories and it’s tough to get back on track by eating well alone. Let’s face it, it’s hard to eat well all the time. Continue reading

5 December 2011 – sickness hearing


While I was off sick my team changed to a new shift. My boss tried to leave me on the old shift, having decided I was making the whole car crash, whiplash thing up she wanted to offload me. She didn’t get away with it though and today I started the new shift. It means starting earlier, which is a bit of a pain, especially after all that time off being ill. Continue reading