5 December 2011 – sickness hearing


While I was off sick my team changed to a new shift. My boss tried to leave me on the old shift, having decided I was making the whole car crash, whiplash thing up she wanted to offload me. She didn’t get away with it though and today I started the new shift. It means starting earlier, which is a bit of a pain, especially after all that time off being ill.

In the end I only had to work until three thirty because I had my stage one sickness hearing. Despite being genuinely injured through no fault of my own and having certificated from my doctor to prove it I was on a warning for being sick. It all seems unfair but those are the rules at Mad House. It is all down to how long you are off so, even though I have hardly ever been sick before, I was on a warning. Two more absences and I would get the sack!

To be honest I wouldn’t much mind if they did sack me. My boss still thinks I was making the whole thing up and has hardly said a word to me and I feel like she’s looking for any excuse to get rid of me

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