7 December 2011 – trying to get back on track


An almost total lack of exercise unless you count stretching and yoga coupled with weeks at home unable to do anything much have resulted in a gain. It isn’t horrendous but it’s way more than I’d like and I have a wardrobe full of stuff that no longer fits. The problem is, I still can’t do much exercise, or not the stuff that burns calories and it’s tough to get back on track by eating well alone. Let’s face it, it’s hard to eat well all the time.

Yesterday I managed another day of good eating and a little bit of walking. With the new shift, I have Thursday as my rest day so am going to try for a longer walk although it might be on the treadmill rather than outside. At least with the treadmill I can push until I can’t walk any more with the outside walking I have to think about turning round and walking back home so don’t really know when to stop. Not sure how I’m going to feel about Thursday rest days after so long of having long weekends. I guess I just have it suck it and see.

Physio again this morning so I may feel a bit beaten up later. I’m sure it’s worth it though. I do have a lot more movement and less pain since I’ve been going.

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