14 December 2011 – Christmas team night temptation

There are way too many chances to fall off the wagon at this time of year. Tomorrow night we have our works Christmas meal. Everything seems to revolve around eating at this time of year and I think all we can do is try our best and then get back to basics in January.

Yesterday I had the last physio and she gave me to ok to gradually start exercising again. But no high impact, which is annoying. This morning I was going to do a pump it up warm up to see if I could but I woke feeling really stiff and achy after yesterday’s physio beating so maybe tonight or tomorrow morning. I’ll just stick to the walking for now.

The team meal is at TGI’s so I’ve been trying to get some accurate calorie info to make informed choices. Sadly, I didn’t get very far as the advice on various websites is conflicting. My choices from the cheap Thursday menu are as follows

Boneless Wings
Mozzarella Dippers
Loaded Potato Skins
Vegetarian option available
Jack Daniel’s® Chicken
Friday’s® BBQ Ribs Full Rack
8oz* New York Strip
Blackened Chicken Fajita
Jack Daniel’s® Monterey Burger
Vegetable Quesadilla
Jack Daniel’s® Shrimp

For the starter I figured the boneless wings as they seem to be coming out at about 150 calories for 3 and I know 3 is all I will manage anyway because they are HOT.

For the main I can’t sdecide between the 8oz New York Strip or the JD Chicken. I know the shrimp or the Quesadilla is probably less calories but I hate both with a passsion. From my research both the chicken and the steak seem to be coming in at about 500 and I could have a side salad with either. Of course, I will be drinking diet coke but may be forced into one rum and coke before I secretly switch. Hopefully that is a plan but we shall see…

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