22 December 2011 – Last day


Well that’s that for me until after Christmas now. I finished at 6.30 tonight and don’t go back until next Wednesday. YAY!!!! It was an odd day. Not many calls this morning although I did get a sale which was good as it takes my team stats up. This week I have had an amazing week with stats for some reason and some lovely customers. We had some time booked off this morning and did a team quiz boys against girls. Of course the girls won, we are the brainy ones after all. Pizza for lunch and a quiz with my team against our rivals on the floor. Again I was on the wnning team. Not that I’m clever but I just have some clever team mates and a smattering of useless info stored in my brain.

The afternoon dragged and I seemed to be on the loony old lady line with a few bizarre queries from slightly demented elderly ladies (I’m getting there myself so have a lot of time for them) and some very rude nasty customers to end the day. Why do people have to be rude and shout when you haven’t even had a chance to look into their problem? Funnily enough it is usually the people who are in the wrong that shout the loudest.

Came home tonight to find my eldest and his family waiting for me which was lovely. Both grandaughters helped me put some pretty baubles from Paperchase on the little trees and presents were swapped. Had a nice chat with Philo and my soon to be daughter in law Sirona too. I let the girls choose a couple of baubles each to take home for their own tree which seemd to please them.

I’m now chilling with Commando with a cup of coca and some rum. Last minute food shopping tomorrow and then relaxing until Wednesday. Hope everyone else had a good day and is going to enjoy a very happy Christmas

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