4 January 2012 – bad weather and power cuts


In the spirit of B2B I’ve changed my wake up time to make up for the new shift because I found yesterday it’s too tough to try to exercise in the evening after 10.5 hours at work and not getting in until 9 then still having to eat. I’m getting up a bit earlier to fit in some exercise and today I did some low impact Pump it Up. Might try something a bit higher impact tomorrow if the shoulder feels ok today.

I managed a good day food wise after a horrific weigh in. Ended with 400 calories under so that is the beginning of a nice little stockpile for the weekend. I didn’t manage the walk to work because of the weather but given that there were trees down and it was blowing a gale not to mention pouring with rain I think the bus was justified.

At Mad House we had a terrible day with so many calls coming in all experts and mangers were taking calls too. It meant we had not help when we had complicated calls which was a pain. Most calls we’re due to power lines down and no electricity though. It seems most of the east coast and south coast were without power including our office for a while. The local power station went out and we had to wait for the generators to kick in. Luckily I had already reached our floor so didn’t end up stuck in the lift or having to walk up 9 floors. Actually the. Stairs would have been some extra exercise though.



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