12 January 2012 – A little rant


Yesterday morning Mad House was one of the companies mentioned on a rather over the top news item. Watching, I knew it was going to feature in my phone calls. I was right. We all had a horrible day because everyone who saw the sensationalist press believed that they were entitled to some kind of compensation for things as trivial as their fridge delivery being half an hour late.

They were all shouty and confrontational from the outset and not at all happy when told they weren’t entitled to anything. Some people even called to claim compensation for things that happened years ago that they didn’t tell us about at the time. Obviously we are meant to be telepathic and know these things. According to one person because we set their direct debit up for the wrong day several years ago and the bank wouldnt pay and nothing has been paid for over a year despite letters from us the customer should get compensation and not have to pay the bills. Not so but that’s what our customers think. Ok rant over!

Day off today and I’m cleaning and food shopping and meal prep for next week so I have a nice restful weekend. Food so far this week has been good so hopefully the scales will be kind to me.

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