23 January 2012 – blast from the past

Brewed in Percolator

Feeling rough this morning as the cold that’s been going round the office has caught up with me. I had a terrible night’s sleep but it’s off to work in a mo. I didn’t weigh in this morning because I was feeling so rough I could hardly stand. Sat and had a cocoa instead and gathered myself.

A friend request on fb threw me off track a bit. It was from the old MD Dream Factorythe tour operator I worked for. He left in disgrace some years ago and it was the beginning of the end for the company. I sat and looked at it for a while not sure what to do but eventually curiosity got the better of me and I accepted. A couple of the other old hands had also just accepted requests from him so I’m not alone in being curious. Wonder what that is all about?

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