24 January 2012 – a puzzle


Today I am feeling pretty rubbish but I’m off to work anyway. We have a pretty draconian sickness policy at Mad House so everyone goes to work unless they are incapable of leaving the house and even then it’s frowned upon. Hence everyone spreads their germs around. So I shall be spreading my germs around today.

The old MD who got in contact yesterday seems to be gathering us all together again. There were a lot of messages flying around last night and I had a long chat with Evie who used to be my partner in crime at Dream Factory. There is definitely something in the offing just remains to be seen what and how reliable it is. I sent him a pm yesterday asking what he was planning. It could be the chance of a lifetime or the worst move ever but I’ll wait and see what it is before I decide.

I had a bad exercise day yesterday but a great food day mainly because I felt too rough to eat properly. Left most of my dinner and went to bed early. Hopefully the two will cancel each other out.

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