20 February 2013 – well and truly stuck


This week have stayed the same again! I think my scales actually do hate me. Still I did have a Chinese on saturday when Bard came round although I didn’t eat it all. Still, I guess all the salt and MSG could have caused a bit of water logging. Anyway I’m not letting myself get down about it just keeping on keeping on.

On Sunday morning I tried out one of the pump it up DVDs I bought before the accident that I haven’t had a chance to have a go at before. It was good although I had a few moments when I got lost and couldn’t keep up. Still that’s only to be expected with a new workout. I tried it again this morning and did much better. On Thursday I did the bums and tums for the first time too but I felt it in my shoulder quite badly during the day and on Friday and Saturday so I think that was a step too far. Must have been all the press ups and planks. I think I will leave that out for now and concentrate on the legs and bottom half. Guess I wasn’t quite as recovered as I thought I was even though at the time I felt fine (ok not that fine because I HATE planks).

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