27 March 2012 – debt


There is a bit of a nip in the air here today but I have high hopes for sun later. Work for me but my team is on correspondence this week rather than phones which is great! This came about because there is a backlog and we are the top team so we get time off the phones as a treat. It’s so much more relaxed dealing with letters and emails rather than taking phone calls. Having said that some of the queries are more complicated so it does tax the old brain. Continue reading

25 March 2012 – Commando’s first 10k


For the runners out there who have been following Commando’s running progress… He did his first race today, 10k. I was very proud of him.He finished in 50.36 which was more than two mins below his PB. Ewan Thomas, Olympic 400m athlete, who lives locally also competed and came in about 5 mins before Commando. Not bad for an almost 50 year old who has only been running since last June. To put it all in perspective the first place came in a a shade over 30 mins and last place in 1 hour 45. Continue reading

24 March 2012 – care for a walk?


It was an early start this morning because we had to be at the pub in the New Forest at 8am. Not my preferred time for being up and about on a Saturday morning. There was quite a large group and I stayed at the front but couldn’t really walk at my normal pace because the course wasn’t marked out so I had to keep with the lead walker. I think I pushed his pace a little but still felt quite slow at 3 1/2 miles an hour. Continue reading

2 March 2012 – Beware Acts of kindness


We were given some horrible news today at work that has put all life’s little worries into perspective for sure. One of my colleagues, a lovely bubbly lady, was walking with her three children last night at about 7pm. She was waiting to cross the road, and a van stopped to let her cross. She held her children’s hands and crossed but a motorbike was overtaking the van, not aware she was crossing, and hit her three year old daughter. The little girl died in hospital a little while later. The whole office has been in shock all day. This lovely lady always talks about her children and it’s hard to imagine how she must be feeling. Continue reading